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3 Skills That You Will Learn When You Enroll in a Certified Yoga Teacher Program

Yoga has gained a lot of popularity over the past few decades. Because of that, many yoga studios have come up, and most have an understaffing of various types of teachers. If you have been training in yoga and feel it is time to become an instructor, you may need to undertake a course in yoga teaching. Here are three skills that the best yoga teacher training programs will instil in you:

1. The Use of Humour

Yoga practice is a strict discipline that needs a lot of introspection and soundness in assessing life. Even so, the poses and breathing exercises are never easy for new students. Most students feel ashamed trying out these challenging tasks and failing to do as well as others.

However, when the teacher has a gentle spirit and excellent sense of humour, they cut through the student's egos and change them energetically. In that case, learning even the most challenging poses becomes simple. Therefore, a good program will teach you how to make this connection with your trainees.

2. The Dissolution of Your Ego

One of the biggest challenges that everyone going into yoga wants to conquer is their ego. Though ego enables you to understand your life better, it can deter you from achieving many things. For instance, many people believe that teaching in a yoga class is about being the shining star, having the best poses, and taking charge. However, yoga is a very spiritual practice, and you have to fight your ego to interact freely with other people.

When you get beyond the ego, you start seeing others as an extension of you. As a result, you will be kinder and less demanding to your students. That way, you will effortlessly merge with them and create the excellent flow that makes the class excel. Conquering your ego also makes you more sensitive to other people's energy, enabling you to respond appropriately.

3. The Physical Skills

While yoga is a spiritual practice, some physical exercises are essential to complete the package. You do not have to be the most agile person, but you will need excellent physical skills to excel in yoga. For example, students will have an easier time practising and internalising the poses when doing them to perfection. There will also be fewer controversies when you understand the poses well.

An excellent yoga program will help you achieve the above skills. So choose a teaching program to enrol in, and gather the skills you need to grow and become the best instructor. Look into certified yoga teacher programs in your area.