Press Release

Press Release

New Book Supports and Empowers Parents of
Special Needs Children


UnREAL Education: Beyond Report Cards: The compelling journey of a Mom unraveling the truths behind a flawed public school special education system

New York – Offering readers a glimpse into her son’s heartbreaking yet ultimately triumphant story, author and mother, Elaine Mellon, unmasks a compelling portrait behind the astonishing and overwhelmingly frustrating experiences and roadblocks she faced. Her new book, “unREAL Education: Beyond Report Cards”, offers a shocking exposé on the public school system (both good and not so good) through the true account of her son’s academic struggles.

Mellon candidly tells her personal story, which took place over a 19-year period, with sometimes shocking revelations and difficult encounters while battling on her own and without the advocacy or support of school officials. The book reveals how she fought tirelessly on behalf of her son, even when she was told to accept the school’s diagnosis as correct and accurate. She chronicles how initially, though unsuccessfully, she tried to balance the academic systems put into place in an effort to assist her son, Blake, with his personal educational difficulties. This balancing act provided Mellon with both the sensitivity and understanding of special education both academically and through personal experience. Her ongoing research and advanced training proved to be vital on behalf of her son’s plight, thus equipping her with the tools to effectively advocate on his behalf. Mellon’s successful accomplishments were fueled by extensive research in special education and counseling, on-going participation in educational workshops and attending dozens of seminars and conferences for more than a decade.

Ms. Mellon hopes “unREAL Education: Beyond Report Cards” will provide encouragement and offer a fresh perspective of support to other parents and child guardians as they navigate their way through the maze of the public educational system.

Giving Back

Ms. Mellon believes in the importance of recognizing the organizations that were so helpful to her son and her family. As stated on the book’s cover, a portion of sale proceeds will be donated to both the International Dyslexia Association and Everyone Reading NY.

About the Author

Elaine Mellon holds a Master of Science/Certificate of Advanced Study in Counseling with a concentration in School Counseling. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology with a minor in Psychology. She has been an active and enthusiastic volunteer throughout her children’s school years as PTA president, Girl Scout leader and various other visible roles within her children’s district. Married and the mother of three grown children, Mellon hones her multi-talented skill set as a group fitness instructor; talent manager; travel agent; inventor/entrepreneur, and still continues to passionately volunteer her time on behalf of several non-profit organizations.

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